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Square Enix and Elixir join forces for Web3 games


Square Enix, the world-renowned interactive entertainment brand, and Elixir, a blockchain game development studio, have announced their collaboration. The team-up seeks to bring some of the most advanced and captivating Web3 games to mainstream audiences.

Players will now be able to enjoy a deeper gaming experience by exploring Elixir's groundbreaking blockchain innovations. Web3 games provide players with true asset ownership and unrivaled immutability, which results in unique gameplay scenarios.

Elixir is a pioneering game development studio that is set to become a cornerstone of the Web3 gaming industry. The studio is focused on creating decentralized protocols that empower users to wield unprecedented levels of power.

The collaboration between Square Enix and Elixir will unleash the capabilities of blockchain gaming while delivering the highest levels of quality and trust. The Web3 game solutions introduced will bring in features that revolutionize the industry, such as non-fungible tokens and decentralized asset exchanges.

Square Enix is highly focused on creating new types of gaming experiences for their audiences. The collaboration with Elixir will help fulfill this promise and bolster their commitment to revolutionizing gaming.

By combining the capabilities of both companies, players will have access to unique Web3 gaming solutions. Through this collaboration, the two brands will create innovative gaming applications that can be enjoyed by gamers all around the world.

Square Enix & Elixir's collaboration will bring revolutionary gaming solutions to mainstream audiences. Unlock the latest Web3 games and experience the power of blockchain gaming with Square Enix & Elixir.

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