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Stablecoins must be programmable to counter CBDCs

Programmable stablecoins offer a wide variety of benefits, including improved speed and efficiency, increased security, and frictionless transactions. With programmable money, the potential for innovation and financial inclusion is huge - making it a more attractive option than central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

Smart contracts allow stablecoins to be programmed and customized to meet specific use cases and compliance standards. This can facilitate faster and more efficient transactions and reduce friction. Smart contracts also help bolster the security of transactions, as they are immutable and immutable once deployed.

Moreover, stablecoins are powered by decentralized protocols, which gives users full ownership and control over their digital assets. This removes the need for intermediaries, eliminating counterparty and settlement risk. Additionally, it allows for greater transparency and auditability, paving the way for new levels of financial inclusion.

Finally, stablecoins are programmable - meaning they can be adapted to a variety of use cases. This gives us much greater flexibility than CBDCs, which are limited to the specific use cases they’re designed for.

In short, programmable stablecoins are a powerful tool to unlock greater financial inclusion and keep up with the pace of the times. They offer users increased speed, efficiency, control, and security - all while facilitating frictionless transactions with unparalleled levels of transparency. With programmable money, businesses, governments and individuals alike can access a world of new opportunities.

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