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Drake & The Weeknd's AI Mashup Traps Spotify & Apple in Copyright Issue


Drake and The Weeknd have been two of the biggest names in music recently, and their recent legal struggles, around copyrighting their songs, have caused a stir in the industry. AI-generated anthems, such as “Heart Bones” from Drakes’s latest album “Scorpion,” have caused further complications in dealing with streaming giants’ copyright constraints.

The complexities around copyright laws vary from one country to the next, and the fight for fair rights for artists has been around for years. As the demand for streaming music has increased and technology has evolved, so have the copyright issues surrounding it.

Drake and The Weeknd have been at the forefront of the battle, with their songs frequently going up against streaming giants’ copyright legalities. In Drake’s case, he argued that “Heart Bones” had been derived from another song and that he should be able to sample or remix it without infringing on the copyright of the original piece of work.

The lawsuit wasn’t resolved and eventually settled out of court, but the issue remains unresolved for many artists. Copyrighted works continue to be a major issue for streaming giants, especially as more independent and up-and-coming artists strive to make their music heard.

Drake and The Weeknd have taken a strong stance in protecting their music, and the countless other artists, from unfair copyright laws and to ensure their works remain accessible. As such, they continue to lead the movement in challenging these giants, and setting an example for the rest of the music industry.

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