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GTA 6: 50 Cent Meets Cryptocurrency & Beyond


The internet was abuzz with gamers this Thursday, debating up a storm over a single Instagram post by rapper 50 Cent which lacked an explanation. His picture with GTA Vice City and a caption of "I will explain this later, GLG GreenLightGang this sh*t bigger than POWER trust me. BOOM" has set the gaming community off and sparked questions of his apparent partnership with Rockstar Games for the upcoming GTA 6. Fans of the game speculated on the rumors of it having an in-built cryptocurrency, Metaverse, and NFTs, sending a wave of exciting expectation and intrigue. Consequently, the unexplained Instagram of 50 Cent has left gamers utterly perplexed.

SeekingAlpha's reports on the stock market suggest that the imminent GTA 6 could host a completely novel financial system, which would be bolstered by the incorporation of blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is speculated that the game would go beyond its traditional expectations and instead serve as a platform. This means that it would empower players to earn rewards from completing given tasks by means of in-game virtual currency. For further verification, it can be concluded that the introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency could also work as an entryway into what is known as the Metaverse.

With the rumor mill churning around the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, one exciting prospect gaining traction is that Take-Two's next entry in the franchise will incorporate blockchain and digital currency. By doing this, the game could become a revolutionary GTA Metaverse platform with far more opportunities than an ordinary game. Such an arena of not only action, but recreation could be owing to the clues that have been leaked, indicating that the creators have ambitious plans in store. It is possible that, when Grand Theft Auto 6 launches, it will be far more than a typical game.

If it's a question of whether or not GTA 6 will be equipped with cryptocurrency, Metaverse, or Non-Fungible Tokens, then Rockstar's earlier decree on the matter is worth consideration. Here, they had explicitly proscribed players from taking on these ingredients in GTA 5 Online and warned them against customizing the game to any extent with similarities to mentioned cryptocurrency or NFTs. Doing some research can definitely help narrow down what viewers should expect from the forthcoming title's content. However, if Rockstar does make the bold move to include some of these progressive gaming staples, then the title will be a step ahead of those around it in its niche. As of present, GTA 6's sendoff date is still looming somewhere in the intangible.

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