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Lil Yachty Sues NFT Seller Who Raised Millions Using His Name


After a prolonged dispute, it appears that court papers have brought the celebrated legal battle between NFT dealer Opulous and rapper Lil Yachty to a close. Yachty unleashed a year ago, accusing Opulous of deceptively linking themselves to his name and business, is now a matter of the past. Nevertheless, it's a case that will be remembered for a while to come. Finessed in tension and replete with accusations, the two combatants squared off in a trademark infringement saga that is rarely seen outside of the legal arena.

Lee James Parsons and his Singapore-based company, Ditto Music, were recently locked in a heated dispute stemming from accusations that the corporation had improperly utilized the rapper's name, silhouette and likeness in an endeavor to promote him as the face of their $6.5 million venture capital campaign. On April 11, the parties involved submitted a document to the court, signifying an agreed-upon end to the saga. Subsequently, the two sides requested 45 days to officially conclude the resolution, followed by filing a motion that would close the case.

After some discussion between the rapper and Opulous, the firm went ahead with their NFT offering. Preceded by a designation of Lil Yachty as the superstar partner and a corresponding photoshoot, the projected plan to join forces lacked an agreement signed in stone or any perceived obligation. Thus, the original complaint maintained that no binding conditions were firmly settled upon. The progressive release of the NFT and the publicity of Yachty as its leader in June 2021 ultimately proceeded regardless.

It goes without saying that prior consent of any musician is indispensable for Opulous to push through with the sale of copyright to their work. This was crystal clear in the legal dispute brought before the United States District Court in Los Angeles which emphasizes the notion that: "for defendant, Opulous, to have the green light to divest the ownership rights of a musician over their copyrighted work, they have to have the blessing and go-ahead of said musician, who will then be given a portion of the monetary gains." Prompting the demand of precedent sign-off is not only fair, but rational and essential if Opulous is to carry on with this procedure, in order to prevent the mishandling of copyrighted material.

The plaintiff's lawsuit is in pursuit of indemnity; its argument being that the defendant's manipulation and misrepresentation of the truth through unfair practices inflicted and continue to inflict not only financial damage but destruction of the plaintiff's business and goodwill as well. This is affirmed by proof of calculated actions, as opposed to any misfortune. Despite allegations of malpractice and detriment, it is the plaintiff's allegation that these acts are of the defendant's wilfulness and undertaking.

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