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Relics & Steve Aoki: Constructing NFT Jukeboxes for the Metaverse

The question is frequently asked: "How can I take my favourite music with me wherever I go??" Relics, aka Relicsxyz, has an answer! They have partnered with renowned musician and producer Steve Aoki for the 3rd installment of their Ethereum NFT collectibles: The Idol III. This version hails an exclusive remix, courtesy of Steve, from the Dim Mak label. The Idol II also made history with its collaboration with video game artist Raf Grassetti. But newcomers will get their chance to join the craze when the Idol III minter launches on the 24th. So stay tuned to transform your digital experiences with the latest addition to the Relics family!

Relics General Manager Jordan Kallman unveiled the special edition Idol III, designed to appeal to those with music NFTs ranging from Avenged Sevenfold to Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda and Deadmau5, as well as Kingship holders. Expounding upon this idea, Kallman pointed out that the Idol III also incorporated beautiful aesthetics and was crafted with user-friendliness in mind - a homage to the jukebox culture of the 1950s. Offering both an aesthetically pleasing feel and an ease of navigation for the virtual music world, the Idol III promises to appeal to a range of music listeners and vendors alike.

The Idol III provides a unique way to unite virtual spaces with the power of music, according to Kallman, with it being one of the earliest endeavors of its kind. In addition, Monstercat, the record label behind acclaimed video game tracks such as Beat Saber and Rocket League, teams up with the product to bring its customers secure NFTs enabled with permitted songs. Furthemore, users of the product can show their appreciation for unrecognized musicians by buying music through the service, thus cultivating a heartfelt sense of community amongst its listeners. It is a fantastic and unprecedented move to bind users together in an expansive metaverse in the name of music.

Kallman is emphatic about maintaining legality in regards to the music played, and has taken steps to ensure users and creators don't end up in legal hot water. The SDK Relics has developed allows for idol III compatibility to be embedded within metaverses, and he chose Aoki to design it due to their exemplary artist and inventive spirit. His words on this were, "[Aoki has] opened the space to people who weren't aware of blockchain or NFTs beforehand. When we allude to a music player for music fans, we cannot forget his spirit of uniting all." It's clear that the implications stretch further than the legal ones for Kallman.

Steve Aoki and Justin "3LAU" Blau have delivered their introductory single as the duo 'Punx' released as an NFT. Per Aoki, their mission in making the music was to form something that could fit in the Sky Pod environment yet re-imagine the boundaries of physics. "Our goal when constructing this was to make something that'd be at home within the Sky Pod, but no longer limited by the laws of physics," Aoki remarks. "So we're attempting to do something apparently inconceivable in the metaverse - but with a focus on a community-forward procedure."

It is imperative for virtual realms to have a culture established, with music being a fundamental component. Vinyl records have been in higher demand lately, which could act as a gateway for marking a breakout via NFTs, both for musicians and their listeners. With this breakthrough, those devoted to the art of music and its admirers can revel in experiences which are totally new and can also provide those composing with a steady salary. Finally, the only thing our endeavours should strive for is to construct these virtual pathways for the musical devotees and musicians.

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