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Unbelievable! 300,000+ NFTs Minted Across Blockchains

Spacebrat, also known as Jasmine Monsegue, wowed her audiences with a spectacular debut in the form of her first free non-fungible token (NFT) release called "Gleam". The wide range of blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Polygon on which the open edition mint was made, resulted in over 300,000 mints. Astonishingly, Polygon was the main platform responsible for the majority of mints! CXIP Labs, the force behind the protocol used for the NFT, was able to make the tokens exist as single instances on multiple environments by taking a multichain approach to digital collectibles.

Monsegue's incredible talent has been heralded far and wide, with her artwork being featured in publications such as Vogue and Hypebeast, and her 'Gleam' installation being displayed for her solo showcase, 'Pipe Dream', in a New York art gallery. Her murals for Virgil Abloh's OFF WHITE project and work she has been commissioned to do for Drake further showcase her exceptional skills. Now, in collaboration with the Holograph collective, she has ventured into the realm of virtual worlds, revealing new possibilities. As part of this partnership, she has created a series of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that represent her art, which can be moved across four different blockchains: Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB Chain and Polygon.

The two-day window granted by Holograph gave individuals the opportunity to select the type of blockchain they wanted their collectible to be minted on, with options ranging from Ethereum's "Gleam" to chains on Polygon. Even though their choice was free, users had to fork out the gas fees from the transaction. Subsequently, once the grace period was over, OpenSea created specially dedicated pages on its marketplace for each blockchain, hence the NFTs getting a space there.

The data from a Dune query relayed by a spokesperson for Holograph to Decrypt revealed some striking differences in the amount of times "Gleam" was minted across various platforms. Polygon saw 203,000 mints, while Avalanche and BNB Chain reported 53,000 and 46,000 respectively. Ethereum bucked the trend, with only 82 mints. These figures are miles apart, speaking to the various strengths of each blockchain technology, from user access and cost, to speed and sustainability.

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