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Asia's Gaming Industry: Harnessing the Potential of Web3


Asia's Impressive Gaming Industry: Harnessing the Potential of Web3. Analytic's platform DappRadar presents a new report showcasing the impressive gains in the Asia region when it comes to gaming. Already, the region holds a significant amount of markets, revenue, and growth potential when harnessing the capabilities of Web3.

Through their research, DappRadar discovered that Asia currently accounts for 65% of NFT gaming and 34% of total NFT market value. Additionally, Apple's App Store also boast's Asia's gamers as its most valuable customers, who accounted for 40% of global spending in 2020.

The success of the Asian gaming market isn't solely reliant on App Store downloads, though. Asia also leads with the highest number of players and gaming wallets, positioning it as a prominent leader in gaming crypto collectibles and crypto gaming platforms.

What's driving such impressive strides in the Asian gaming industry? CryptoKitties, a widely popular game in the region, accounts for a great chunk of this success. By using the Ethereum blockchain, CryptoKitties created a marketplace where players are able to breed, buy, and trade digital cats with the use of cryptocurrency.

The Asia Pacific region is often the target of many gaming developers and investors, who look to capitalize on the success of their markets. With NFTs and decentralized gaming on the rise, Asia stands to gain even more in terms of revenue, customers, and gaming possibilities.

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